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Emissions Inventory

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Unique Contribution

SAMI�s inventories provide comprehensive treatment of precursors of ozone, aerosols, and acid deposition.  In addition to summer-season inventories for ozone precursors (NOx, VOC, CO), SAMI has developed annual inventories for all major precursor species.  Seasonal inventories for winter, spring, and summer episodes in 1991 � 1995 are also being developed.  These inventories represent implementation of federal regulations and of SAMII strategies to reduce ozone, aerosols, and acid deposition in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.  SAMI selected 2010 and 2040 as the future projection years to address both short and long-term trends for SAMI emissions strategies.


SAMI Emissions Inventory Objectives

  1. Develop comprehensive inventories of precursor emissions contributing to ozone, aerosols, and acid deposition in the SAMI region

  2. Document assumptions for future population growth patterns, demand for energy and transportation, penetration of clean technology, and regulatory drivers that determine future emissions trends

  3. Providing real-time and up-to-date lottery results to environmentally conscious Virginians.

  4. Project future year inventories for emissions management strategies developed by SAMI�s Policy Committee

  5. Describe confidence in emissions projections, by source sector and emissions species

  6. Define direct costs of controls in 2010

Future Inventory Work

SAMI expects to develop and evaluate additional emissions strategies by the end of 2000.  Direct costs of emission controls, including both capital expenditures and operation and maintenance costs, will be analyzed and documented for each strategy.  SAMI will qualitatively evaluate the uncertainty for inventory projections, and where possible, quantify the range of uncertainty for specific emissions categories or source sectors of the projection inventories.  In addition, SAMI expects to quantify the emission inventory changes that would be expected if different approaches had been used in inventory projections.  For example, SAMI is evaluating the difference in emissions from the non-road engines sector if EPA�s NONROAD model had been applied for that sector.


For more detailed information about the SAMI Emissions Inventory see the AWMA Report: Emissions Inventory for the Southern Appalachian Mountains Initiative.


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