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SAMI's Mission:  Through cooperative effort, identify and recommend reasonable measures to remedy existing and to prevent future adverse effects from human induced air pollution on the air-quality related values of the Southern Appalachian Mountains, primarily those of Class I areas, weighing the environmental and socioeconomic implications of any recommendations.

SAMI is a voluntary partnership of state and federal environmental regulatory agencies, federal land managers, industry, academia, environmental groups, and interested public participants. SAMI is unique in its consensus-based approach to regional strategy development.  It provides a forum for stakeholders with diverse interests and viewpoints to work together constructively to conduct the technical and policy assessments necessary to recommend regional solutions. 

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SAMI is focusing on the impacts of ozone, regional haze, and acid deposition to the natural resources of the Southern Appalachian Mountains.  The Integrated Assessment links our understanding of air emissions, atmospheric transport, environmental effects, and socioeconomic consequences to assess emissions management alternatives. Parallel to SAMI's voluntary mission, federal air regulations are requiring emissions reductions in the SAMI states to protect human health.  SAMI is evaluating the costs and benefits in the years 2010 and 2040 of current air regulations and of emissions management strategies that SAMI might recommend.   The assessment results will be summarized in a final report in summer 2001 and will be the basis of SAMI's recommendations to policy makers.

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