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   SAMI Organizational Chart

The SAMI Mission

Through a cooperative effort, identify and recommend reasonable measures to remedy existing and to prevent future adverse effects from human-induced air pollution of the air quality related values of the Southern Appalachians, primarily those of Class I parks and wilderness areas, weighing the environmental and socioeconomic implications of any recommendations.

Committee Roles

Governing Body
SAMI is directed by the Governing Body, a 14-member group composed of the eight participating states' primary environmental officials, the Regional Adminstrators of EPA Regions II and IV, the Director of the Southeaast Region of the National Park Service, the Forester for the Southern Region of the USDA Forest Service, or by designees of these officials.  This body also includes a representative from industry and from public interest groups in the SAMI states.  The Governing Body provides overall direction to SAMI's policy and technical objectives, approves budget, and will ultimately be responsible for reviewing and recommending emissions management strategies to fulfill SAMI's mission. 

Operations Committee
The Operations Committee is responsible for the overall operation and management of SAMI. They review committee work products and formulate proposals for consideration by the Governing Body. The Director reports to the Operations Committee. They typically meet quarterly.

The membership of the Operations Committee is:

  • Representative of the primary environmental official of the eight SAMI states. This person is often the director of the state air division.

  • Representative of the National Park Service

  • Representative of the Southern Region of the US Forest Service

  • Representative of the US Environmental Protection Agency Regions III and IV

  • Industry representative

  • Public interest representative

  • SAMI Director.

Policy Committee
The SAMI Policy Committee is responsible for developing strategies to be modeled by the technical committee and recommending the most promising of these to the Operations Committee for consideration by the Governing Body. They often meet with the Technical Committee to advise them on possible policy implications of technical decisions. It is composed of 35 members. Each SAMI state nominates three persons one each from industry, government and the public interest sectors. EPA Region I, Region IV and Headquarters are represented. The USFS and National Park Service each are represented and jointly appoint a public interest and an industry representative.

Technical Oversight Committee
The Technical Oversight Committeeis responsible for SAMI's Integrated Assessment .  Its 35 members ensure that SAMI's assessment is based on sound scientific information.  Four subcommittees assist the Technical Oversight Committee in managing the assessment of air emissions, atmospheric transport, environmental effects, and socioeconomic consequences.  The Technical Committee works closely with the Policy Committee to develop and analyze responses to changes in emissions due to the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments, recent revisions to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards, and alternative emissions management strategies that SAMI is considering.

Public Advisory Committee
The Public Advisory Committee includes 55 members that inform the public on air quality issues in the Southern Appalachians. They identify public concerns and encourage public participation in air quality decision making. They advise SAMI on issues of public importance and advise the public on SAMI responses to those concerns. SAMI brochures and fact sheets are Public Advisory Committee products.

All Committee members are volunteers who dedicate their time and technical expertise to SAMI's activities. 

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